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Our Career Counseling Program (CCP) is designed to “give direction to your dreams” guaranteeing you never run out of options!

At Breeo Premium, we’ll help you find the best admits around the world in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Russia, and China so you can pursue your passion, however minute they may be. Being partners with more than 160 universities across the world, Breeo Premium supports the students who are applying to universities abroad and finding the desired scholarships for undergraduate students while enabling them to pursue their higher education in their chosen field at the leading universities around the world.

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Affordable Foreign Education Opportunities

Experts say a good way for students to get started with their Undergraduate College Application, is to create a to-do list during their junior high school.  Since the college application process can be a tricky one, our counseling team works closely with the students to accomplish a principal goal of adding strategic and editorial value to their applications. For the undergraduate program, we process applications for Direct Admissions, Foundation-Year, Gap-Year, and Transfer applicants. We help candidates to discover their best-fit college/university list, create a stand-out application, and stay ahead of admission deadlines.

Our mentors and study abroad counselors exhibit deep knowledge for comprehending your aims. They offer you comprehensive career guidance for studying abroad and paving your entire career way. We guide you towards the best-suited career option based on your interests and your aptitude to pursue your academic career.

Breeo Premium answers all your career-related queries and concerns. We offer affordable foreign education opportunities to our students. Our end-to-end integrated study abroad career counseling programs and sessions provide you with effective and affordable career guidance that is customized to fit your requirements. We aim to open a gateway to a bright future in education.

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