SAT Preparation

Career Counseling Programs for Students

A test that helps you make your mark in higher education abroad is SAT. It’s targeted at students who want to pursue their careers in prestigious international universities. Standardized examination SAT is carried out to evaluate mathematical and language competency of students with sections i.e., Reading, Writing, Analyzing, and Mathematics.

We at Breeo Premium, helps you ace the SAT exam with top-notch preparation classes, tips & tricks, career counseling programs for students, and guidance with an assurance of a high score for you to get entrance into your dream universities abroad.

GRE Classes

Want to get into grad university or to pursue a merit-based fellowship program? GRE is the answer to it if you’re planning for a master’s or doctoral degree program as several international universities accept GRE score as an eligibility criterion.

Breeo Premium prepares students for this entrance test and helps them get to know and live with their true potential. Our preparation classes from specialist instructors assist students in achieving a high score ultimately helping them in the application process. From verbal and quantitative reasoning to analytical writing, we are doing our best to aid in your future success.

British council certified IELTS Center

One certification that offers numerous advantages is IELTS. It’s one of the highest acknowledged accreditations across the world. If you’re looking to work, study or live abroad IELTS test is what you need the most to make your dream come true.

We have a British Council certified IELTS Center to help you score the highest Band for future endeavors. We hold distinction in delivering high band scores from a team of experienced and qualified professionals who meet the standards set by the British Council. Our Center is equipped with contemporary facilities to ensure your high score in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

In house workshops

A great way to get hands-on experience over learning and upskilling is in-house workshops on contemporary aspects and subjects. It helps students in surpassing the hindrances that may succumb to their growth.

Our In-house workshops by qualified trainers help students in comprehending new career opportunities. These workshops enhance satisfaction, improve knowledge, aid in agility, helps students come out of the comfort zone, improve productivity ultimately making them future-ready for their dream universities.

Interview preparation

The most important aspect of getting acceptance in your dream university is your interview score. How you appear and deliver your answers in an interview are the defining factors that play a significant role in the interview’s success. As interviews are a decisive element in landing into international universities

We prepare you for a mock interview in which you’ll be able to anticipate what can be asked in the interview, interpretation of questions, and answers by staying under control, cool, calm, and collected.

Microsoft certified courses in Pakistan

In this contemporary digital era, one of the necessities in academia and professional life is your grasp on Microsoft. It demonstrates that you’re proficient in the specific skills of Microsoft that are applicable in every sphere of academic life. It also improves the technical application of knowledge in today’s challenges.

At Breeo Premium, your Microsoft skill set is upgraded by expert trainers to international standards that make you distinguished in the eye of the world and improves your resume for the future. Our state-of-the-art labs have world-class equipment and software to enrich you with technical competencies.


Seminars provide an exemplary chance to interact with the experts, scholars, and mentors. Students tend to learn a lot from such interactive sessions where they can discuss their concerns, obstacles they face, and problem areas with the expert personnel.

We arrange exclusive seminars and webinars of qualified professionals and scholars who help students in the concerned subject by devising ways to reach their ultimate potential. This way, they stay updated and motivated regarding the latest information related to their dream profession and university.

Summer Internship opportunities

An internship is a key to live real-world experiences as they help you test your career plan. We at Breeo Premium, assist you in discovering the real world by giving hands-on professional experience by guiding you throughout the process. We help you in making a network as well as in the internship program.

You’ll be able to form professional contacts which may expand your opportunities for the future as you’ll be getting to know the companies and their work. It also makes your resume a distinguished one. Most importantly, it helps in building confidence and makes you capable of achieving entrance to the university you’ve longed for.